(Updated May 2023)

Thank you for visiting and reviewing our privacy policy.

Our privacy policy is simple: we limit our collection, use, and sharing of your information; we protect your information appropriately; and we offer you choices about your privacy.

​What we Collect
  • Information that directly identifies you, only when you choose to provide it to us for a specific purpose, like signing up for email alerts or submitting an inquiry.
  • Information about your visit to the website, collected automatically as part of normal operations related to improving the usability, security, or availability of
​How We Use It
  • To communicate with you (as requested by you); and
  • To improve and secure for all users.
​Why We Share It
  • To fulfill the purpose for which the information was provided;
  • To secure or improve the website; or
  • As required by law.

This may include sharing:

  • Internally with OFR employees;
  • With contractors or third parties providing a service on our behalf;
  • As required by law.

We never sell, rent, or otherwise provide your information to outside marketers.

​How We Protect It

We limit our collection of information to only what is necessary to meet specific business needs, and protect it through a rigorous set of information security controls, both technical and administrative.

​Your Choices
  • To use our website, you are not required to register or provide any information that directly identifies.
  • You can change your communication preferences or have your information updated at any time.
  • You can choose to disable "cookies" or turn off similar Web Analysis tools used by this website and still use the website - See how to disable cookies.
​Contact Us

The OFR values your privacy, and is committed to maintaining your trust. Please contact our privacy office at if you have any questions about this policy. Learn more about our privacy program..

​Learn More

Learn more about our privacy practices, including your rights under the Privacy Act, cookies, web analysis tools, and other third-party services as well as external links, social media, other third party sites, security features; notice of, and consent to, monitoring; and service provider controls.