Solicitation of Applications for Committee Membership

Applications are no longer being accepted. The final day of the application period was May 11, 2015.


The OFR’s Financial Research Advisory Committee (FRAC) was established in 2012 pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act to provide advice and recommendations to the OFR.

The FRAC has a rotating membership. Several of its 30 members will rotate off the committee in August 2015. The OFR is soliciting applications to fill those places. The committee is a diverse and balanced body representing a variety of interests, backgrounds, and viewpoints. This diversity enhances the perspectives and advice offered by the FRAC.

Applicants should have expertise in fields related to the OFR mission, such as economics, financial institutions and markets, financial markets analysis, econometrics, applied sciences, risk management, data management, information standards, and technology.

Terms of the new members would be two-to-three years.

This notice is published in the Federal Register.


No federally registered lobbyist may serve on the committee. Membership is limited to the individuals appointed and is non-transferrable. Regular attendance is essential to the effective operation of the committee. Some committee members may be required to adhere to conflict of interest rules applicable to special government employees, as defined by law.

###How to Apply

Each applicant must submit a detailed resume and cover letter describing his or her interest, reasons for application, and qualifications. In the application letter, each applicant must state his or her agreement to submit to a pre-appointment clearance process that includes fingerprints, tax checks, and an FBI criminal background check.

The final day of the application period is May 11, 2015. Applications should be submitted in time to be received by the close of business on that date.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to or by regular mail to: Office of Financial Research, Department of the Treasury, Attention: Andrea B. Ianniello, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, MT-1330, Washington, DC 20220.

For more information, please contact Andrea B. Ianniello, Designated Federal Officer at the OFR, by telephone at (202) 622-3002 or by e-mail at