Rising Scholars Call For Papers

Rising Scholars

Conference on the Future of Financial Stability

The Office of Financial Research (OFR) and the Review of Corporate Finance Studies (RCFS) invite submissions of high-quality theoretical and empirical papers from scholars who have recently obtained their PhD. The papers must focus on the future of financial stability in the context of new challenges arising from developments in fintech and shadow banking, as well as the implications of these issues for financial inclusion.

Consistent with the conference’s objective to center on rising scholars, all authors who submit papers must have received their PhD within the last six years.

Possible subjects of interest for submitted papers include but are not limited to:

  • interactions between monetary policy, financial conditions, and the buildup of fragilities in financial markets;
  • connections between banks and shadow banks;
  • contagion from shadow banks to the banking system during stressful market conditions;
  • risk-taking in the shadow-banking and fintech sectors;
  • emergence of big tech in finance;
  • increased market concentration and its implications for financial stability;
  • fintech, financial inclusion, and financial stability;
  • geopolitical risks and their implications for market stability;
  • roles of regulation and transparency; and
  • financial stability’s implications for financial inclusion.

The conference aims to bring together rising scholars from the fields of finance and economics to discuss these issues from various points of view. Each paper will be assigned to a discussant. The symposium begins with a dinner on the evening of Thursday, May 2.

The conference anticipates refunding the travel expenses (economy class) and paying for accommodations of authors whose papers are accepted.

Paper Submission

Authors are invited to electronically submit papers (including abstract, authors’ affiliations, and contact information) in PDF format to OFRRisingScholars@ofr.treasury.gov by Friday, January 12, 2024. Authors should also indicate whether they wish to have their papers considered for the option of dual submission to the conference and the Review of Corporate Finance Studies.

Dual-Submission Option

When they make their submissions, authors should indicate whether they wish their papers to be considered (for no extra fee) for publication by the RCFS under the Dual-Submission Program. This is a “no-fault” submission option: if the RCFS reviews a paper and rejects it, the author may submit it to any Society for Financial Studies journal at a later date as if it had never been submitted before.

Society for Financial Studies Dual-Submission Policy