2015 Financial Stability Conference - Financial Stability: Policy Analysis and Data Needs

Call for Papers
2015 Financial Stability Conference

“Financial Stability: Policy Analysis and Data Needs”

Organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Office of Financial Research

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Office of Financial Research invite the submission of research and policy-oriented papers for the 2015 Financial Stability Conference to be held December 3-4, 2015, in Washington, D.C. The objectives of this conference are to highlight research and advance the dialogue on data requirements for macroprudential policy development and implementation, and to disseminate recent advances in systemic risk measurement and forecasting tools.

#####Conference Format

To develop these themes, the conference will bring together academics, policymakers, and market participants to discuss macroprudential policy development and implementation; tools that measure vulnerabilities in the financial system and identify potential threats to financial stability; and the measurement challenges involved in the implementation of Dodd-Frank regulations. There will be two types of discussion:

  • Research Forums
    These forums will follow the format of an academic workshop and include sessions to discuss submitted papers.
  • Policy Discussions
    These discussions will include keynote addresses and panel discussions in which speakers and panelists from industry, regulatory agencies, and academia can share their insights on the progress made to measure vulnerabilities in the financial system and to identify potential threats to financial stability.

#####Topics We welcome submissions of research on topics related to financial stability, systemic risk, and related public policy. Key conference themes include:

  • Macroprudential policy analysis:
    • The balance of regulation, supervision, and market discipline
    • Network analysis
    • Agent-based models
    • Stress testing
    • Tools and techniques for financial stability monitoring
    • Cross-border macroprudential policy coordination
  • Data measurement and gaps:
    • Universal transaction and product identifiers
    • Data standardization and quality assurance
    • Techniques for sharing confidential information
    • Integrating bank and nonbank supervisory collections
    • Data and measurement challenges in trading activity
  • Systemic risks in nonbank financial firms:
    • Central counterparties
    • Insurers
    • Asset management
    • Broker dealers
    • And other nonbank entities

#####Paper Submission Procedure

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2015. Please send completed papers or a detailed abstract by email to: jhaubrich@clev.frb.org and include “FINANCIAL STABILITY CONF” in the subject line. Notification of acceptance will be provided by October 23, 2015. Conference papers will be due on October 30, 2015. Questions about the call for papers or the 2015 Financial Stability Conference can be directed to Joseph Haubrich at jhaubrich@clev.frb.org or Stephen Ong at song@clev.frb.org.

#####Special Journal Issue

Papers selected for the conference will be eligible for consideration—at the author’s option—in a special issue of the Journal of Financial Stability. Papers submitted to the special issue will undergo the normal refereeing process. The post-conference deadline for submission to the Journal of Financial Stability will be January 30, 2016. The details of the submission process will be announced at the time of the conference.

#####Expenses for Conference Speakers and Presenters

Travel and accommodation expenses will be provided for conference speakers and paper presenters.

A pdf version of this call for papers is available here.